1. Where is your company located?

Our office and warehouse are located in Orange County, California, where all the magic happens. Your orders are shipped directly from our warehouse.


2. What kind of merch do you make?

We specialize in customization! While our website showcases our main garments, we can customize any garment you desire. Additionally, we create custom snacks, keychains, stickers, banners, and more!


3. How can we book a pop-up?

Booking a pop-up is easy! Simply visit our website and fill out the "Request a Pop-Up" form. If interested, we'll reach out to you via text to confirm.


4. Do you have a partnership program?

While we don't currently have a partnership program, we do offer internship opportunities in marketing and sales. Our interns serve as valued campus representatives.


5. Do you have an internship program?

Yes, we do! You can apply online through the "Campus Marketing Intern Program" tab on our website. Applications are accepted year-round, with hires made on a term-by-term basis.


6. Do you only do bulk orders?

Yes, typically our minimum order is 12 pieces. However, we also offer individual items during merch drops announced on our Instagram, as well as at in-person pop-ups.


7. Where can I buy individual merch pieces?

Individual merch pieces are available during our merch drops and at in-person pop-ups. Creating your own custom merch requires a minimum order of 12 pieces.


8. Can we make a bulk order with less than 12 people in our exec team?

Yes, we make exceptions for smaller exec teams. Just indicate that your order is for "exec" when filling out the merch inquiry form.


9. How often are merch drops?

We have a merch drop every month, with announcements made on our social media platforms in advance, so make sure you're following us!


10. Do you have size guides?

Yes, we provide size guides for our garments in our highlight reel. Check out our highlights for more information.


11. Where can I find design inspiration?

Explore our Pinterest page for design inspiration. The link is available in our Instagram bio and on our website.


12. How long does it take to receive an order?

The delivery time for orders may vary. Please allow up to three weeks from the date you submit a merchandise inquiry form to receive your order.


13. How much do your hoodies cost?

The cost varies depending on style, embellishments, graphics, garment, and quantity. We can provide an estimate after you fill out the merch inquiry form.


14. Do you offer donations?

Yes, we do! We offer donations in the form of merch to two chapters per month. Additionally, you can sign up for a pop-up event, where we can donate a portion of the sales to your chapter.


15. Do you accept checks as payment?

Yes, we accept checks as well as cards. Please note that there is a 3% fee for card payments.


16. How do you ensure design approval?

Before production, we submit all designs to nationals for approval. Once approved, we proceed with production and keep you informed.


17. What's your return policy?

Due to the custom nature of our products, all sales are final. However, we will rectify any misproduced or damaged items.


18. How far in advance should we submit a form for a pop-up?

The sooner, the better! The more notice we have, the easier it is for us to plan and schedule your pop-up event.


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